The handbook contains our guiding principles and core operations for chartered members. It will be revised frequently with the help of our volunteers, parents, and kids.

1.0 Tenets
Our Gamer League tenets describe how we experience gaming and the characteristics we develop.

In addition to being fun, we strive for the gaming experience to be:

In addition to being skilled, we strive for gamers character to include:

1.1 Responsible, Safe, Respectful
Responsible gamers in Gamer League have balance. They understand that responsible gaming requires limits (i.e. 90 minutes a day) in order to create time for developing skills outside of gaming.

Safe gamers are aware that there are potential risks to being online and understand how to safely interact with others while online.

Respectful gamers demonstrate respect for their parents & guardians, teammates, competitors, and our local, domestic, and global communities.

1.2 Sportsmanship, Leadership, Kindness
Gamers exhibit good sportsmanship and collaborates well as a team.
Gamers exhibit and develop leadership as coaches and teammates.
Gamers exhibit kindness even when they aren’t playing games.

2.0 Core Concepts

Ages. Gamer League is for girls and boys from 3rd to 6th grade.

Division. A division is a collection of teams. There are a maximum of 9 teams in a division.

Official Device. The official gamer league gaming device is a Nintendo Switch.

Team Size. A maximum of eight players are allowed on a team and the minimum is five. When a team competitively plays with eight players,  four players are in the game and the remaining players will be on “the bench” to wait their turn.

Games. Either Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Rocket League or Rocket League and Splatton 2 (depending on turnout)

Breaks. A cornerstone of Gamer League is balance, therefore, both competitions and training should not last longer than 90 minutes and include breaks every twenty to thirty minutes. During these breaks, gamers will perform exercises (e.g. physical or social) that reinforce the gamer’s tenets.

Safety Requirements
All volunteers must complete a background check and be free of any convictions in the past five years (with the exception of minor traffic violations) and zero lifetime convictions involving a minor. Volunteers should always be accompanied by at least one other adult at all times. All home team locations require approval by division officer.