Digital Adventure: Microsoft & Digipen

Gamer League Visits Redmond Washington   Camas t was 8:01am. We were late, but only by one minute so things were mostly off to a good start. It was T-minus three hours until we met our guide at Microsoft and

Retro Game Expo

amer League, our elementary grade youth esports league, is always looking for fun game related day trips. This weekend, we didn’t need to go far to find some great people and amazing game related history. We headed to town to

Why We Need A Little League for Esports

  dad watching a football game looks at his son watching a Twitch stream and says, “I don’t get it, why are you watching people play games?” For the typical parent, their kid’s hobby of watching games doesn’t make sense.

Esports in Camas

Camas is a wonderful place to raise children. Alive with activities: boy scouts, youth mountain biking, football, basketball -the only challenge is to pick your activity and coordinate out how to get your kids there on time. Camas is also