Gamer League started in Camas with many goals. Of those, two stand out as being the most important. First, not all kids excel on the field, yet being part of a team is a vital part of growing up and achieving success in life. The other is to help manage the struggle parents and kids have with managing game/life balance: topics like play limits, socialization, and online safety. Here are ten reasons to register for our winter league.


  1. Be Part of A Team. Jobs are becoming increasingly specialized and difficult. Being a part of a team is an essential skill that many kids won’t continue to develop. Gamer League opens a new door to be on a team. And compared to other sports, esports are even more about the mental game, dropping the physical barriers that limit some kids (and a great opportunity for girls and boys to be on a level playing field!).
  2. Be Social. Don’t stay home and play games by yourself. Interact. Get to know kids with similar interests.
  3. Learn Responsible Gaming. This is youth development, not binge gameplay. We will emphasize fun, but we will also build a culture of responsible game time and habits. Gamer League doesn’t allow Teen games and higher (sorry Fortnite).
  4. Play In A Safe Environment. A school environment with people you know. Online game communities are a mixed bag with mixed ages.
  5. Encourage Parent & Child Interactions. Your kids like games. They might love games. This is an opportunity to get to know your kids better. Showing an interest in their interest impacts your bond and mutual respect. You might even like it.
  6. Develop Grit. Becoming good at a game takes work and perseverance. You kids will see tangible improvement when they focus and develop intentional practice.
  7. Learn Good Sportsmanship. Some online communities are toxic (a common jargon word in esports). Maybe they didn’t learn good manners at Gamer League?
  8. Develop Good Habits. Play limits. Sharing. Teamwork. It’s all in here.
  9. Learn Online Safety. We will discuss some of the basics of online safety and mentor players to become good stewards of the internet.
  10. Have Fun! The kids will have fun. In exchange, we as parents get some of the things we want.

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Ten Reasons To Join Gamer League In Camas