Camas is a wonderful place to raise children. Alive with activities: boy scouts, youth mountain biking, football, basketball -the only challenge is to pick your activity and coordinate out how to get your kids there on time.

Camas is also ground zero for a new activity: youth eSports. That’s right, gaming is a growing sport in our country and several decades behind pioneer countries like South Korea where eSports is more popular than baseball.

Gamer League a (soon to be) non-profit is approaching youth e-Sports by incorporating more lessons than gaming. The league sees gaming as a means for developing character, teaching leadership, fostering sportsmanship, and developing kindness -both online and IRL (kid talk for “in real life”).
This is a parent’s opportunity to turn a perceived negative (typically too much gaming) into a positive. Get involved with your children in a way that “speaks their language”. We are actively seeking volunteers who might be interested in coaching teams.

Gaming knowledge not required -your kids and our curriculum will help guide you.

Esports in Camas