A Local Youth Esports League

Semi-competitive, co-ed, esports leagues for grades 3-6.

More Than Gaming

Gamer League teaches responsible, safe, and respectful gaming. We use esports to develop sportsmanship, leadership, and kindness. Learn more in our handbook.

For Kids, Gamer League:
  • Is Social
  • Is Fun & Casually Competitive
  • Is More than Video Games
For Parents, Gamer League:
  • Teaches video game/life balance
  • Builds sportsmanship
  • Reinforces lessons on cyber-safety


Video games are the most popular sport enjoyed by our children. Kids still use games as a foundation of their identity and they continue to play; parents are concerned about screen time and other potential downsides of gaming. Gamer League is a gaming community using kid’s motivation to play games as a means for teaching 21st century skills.

Gamer League focuses on Responsible, Safe, Respectful gaming while developing Sportsmanship, Leadership, and Kindness. See our handbook to learn more.


The Games

Gamer League uses the Nintendo Switch. The official game of the 2019 season is Splatoon 2, but we hope to grow and include Rocket League and Super Smash Brothers over time.

Each player is responsible for purchasing their switch and games.